A snapshot of equipment used to capture remote backcountry landscapes via mountain bike to promote its online presence.


Pelican Case (protection for Sony a6000 plus lenses for training rides in extreme weather conditions and demanding terrain)

Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera

Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens

Sony 55-210 Zoom Lens

GoPro Hero 3+ 

Goby Tripod

Dolica Tripod

Seagate Slim Plus 2TB Portable External Hard Drive 

Apple MacBook 13" 

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple Shuffles

Candlepower Technologies Trail Torch 3000 (2 lamps, 4 batteries)

Uvex XC Helmet

Spot Locator Beacon (one button calls the fire department, ranger station, police, you name it)

Blackburn Commuter Lights

Garmin 500

Garmin eTrex 30

Garmin 810