Personal Prerequisites for a Camper Purchase

Everyone's lifestyle and goals have their own unique nuances so I thought I'd share mine which establishes parameters leading me through the process of purchasing the best fit to create the most fun, sustainably liveable, and cost effective adventure machine. First, to describe myself quickly, I am an ultra endurance mountain biker with heavy foot on the pedal for adventure. During the dry seasons, I am riding high volumes in the backcountry on the weekends. I enjoy the camp life immensely, so the extra miles to a remote setting is often traveled via dirt roads, some graded and some 4X4 material. Equipment wise, it can be a ton to maintain order however, I strive to engage in the minimalist approach so I meet a balance somewhere in the middle. I am a budding photographer, so more equipment and time is added to storage and adventures. Luckily, both activities play well together. Then there's the job that keeps the wheels turning and I'm hoping my proposal to be employed remotely is approved to work from my camper for an extensive period of time if not indefinite. I would be operating this mission solo so all travel decisions and storage space belong to me. I currently own a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited which has a ghetto rigged, semi-permanent sleeping platform as pictured in the previous blog entry. It's nothing special but I love it for the weekend warrior lifestyle. I also love my jeep but if selling it due to the possibility of working remote and increasing the quality of life factor then the priority wins. I would ideally be chasing the sun, living in never winter mode. All weekday overnights would be spent within territories of a healthy wireless signal (via a MiFi with phone booster or a satcom device) to ensure my work performance is not sacrificed. This means urban camping, camping in parks with healthy signals, at cost camp sites near suburbia, or Cabela's parking lots.

Below are my prerequisites for determining the best option for a camper set up given my circumstances.

*Must be sustainably liveable but able to manage with particular discomforts, i.e. hot water on command (remember never winter), may be able to get by with a reservoir heated outdoor shower.

*Storage for three to four bikes inside at all times. Nothing is to be stored outside unless in a lockable cargo space.

*Toilet (doesn't need to be a throne, just needs to do the trick).

*Indoor or outdoor shower.

*Double burner stove that is safe, ventilation is offered, and able to cook indoors on rainy nights. 

*Two way roof ventilation

*Heat is necessary but since I may be chasing the sun then it's not imperative to have a high powered unit.

*A very well insulated cooler like a Yeti Cooler or an RV type fridge but are twice as expensive.

*100W solar panel system with secondary battery and/or Goal Zero Yeti 400 to charge and power cameras, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, LED lights, heater, music, outdoor sports electronics, etc.

*A degree of a sink system, not sure yet how barebones I can tolerate.

*Must be weatherproofed living area and soundproof/resistant to provide a healthy environment to succeed at working remotely, i.e. productive and phone calls uninterrupted.

*Must have good ground clearance and ability to modify to all terrain tires.


Current Qualifiers

*2016 Mercedes Sprinter: 144 wheelbase high roof (170 is too lengthy for backcountry dirt roads in my scenario)

*2016 Ford Transit: long wheelbase high roof

*Jayco or a like company's A Frame Pop Up Camper such as the 12BSB to be towed by my jeep.

Scratched off the List

*Dodge ProMaster

*Nissan NV

*used Sprinter from 2005 or 2006 within I5 or 2008 with V6.