Seventy Five and Sunny

Life is a trip. I'm confined to a cast and running indoors for weeks and for various reasons, however, my headspace is seventy five and sunny. It's amazing the kick back of happiness when you put in the time, effort, and make positive choices. Just two months ago in New Zealand, the highs were high but the lows were lower. When shit hits the fan, you put one foot in front of the other and motivate yourself toward better days. In with the good, out with the bad. Just give life what you've got and let it ride. One thing led to another and I'm back to feeling on top of the world despite how much a broken fifth metacarpal/reverse bennett has thwarted hopes of high volume April adventures. Proud to say, I've never complained about a broken hand because the cast literally could've been around my neck. Or worse. Hopefully, most of the tough work is behind me since the cast will be sawed off Friday! So stoked to have my wing back and it's also the first weekend adventuring in my new camper van! I'll likely do some gravel grinding in Salida, Colorado to ease back into riding and some mountain running where trails are dry. The timing of the broken metacarpal couldn't have been any better.

I'm a huge believer in synchronicity and flow. The night before I broke my hand on the Portal Trail in Moab, Britt Nic Dick, a badass and nationally known ultra endurance trail runner reached out with a ridiculously random idea. This summer an ultra endurance reality TV show will be taping. It'll be directed and produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. There's one million dollars at stake for the winner. The way it works is there is one runner and eight sets of two chasers. The tasks are comprised of long distance running, mountain climbing, solving clues, and operating heavy machinery. Random. If the runner makes it from point A to point B without being caught by the chasers then he or she wins the million. If the chasers catch the runner prior to point B, then they win the million. Britt had reached out stating that the previous night the producers had called her, requesting that she find a partner to chase the runner and if selected, her team will travel to LA in June for interviews and taping. If that goes well, then her team's on the show that runs from June to the end of July. They're looking for a great contrast to Britt in a different ultra endurance discipline like in my case, mountain biking. Also, she said the person selected needs to have a personality, good looking, and believe it or not a darker complexion! It's great being of Filipino descent! I'm not sure what the odds are of making the show but it is such a crazy idea that I just have to go for it. I love the idea so much that it is my A race this year if we are selected. If not, I'll just have to make it up as I go along.

I do have the idea of racing the CTR as an out and back which is super tempting. I'd race from Denver to Durango with the group, then flip it and ride back to Denver attempting to establish a CTR Out and Back ITT record. If that doesn't pan out, likely due to the show or my hand, then another option is to race a few 24 Solos like Montezuma's Revenge, Wausau 24, and Oregon 24. Either way, this summer will be awesome for many reasons, one being the newly acquired adventure machine I named Elvis. It's a stealth camper van with all of the essentials and has already lifted life to an all time high.

Life is on such a grand scale moving forward. My anticipation of the headspace, culture, and motivations of the camper van lifestyle will broaden my universe from the somewhat narrow mindedness that ultra endurance racing can subject one to, or at least myself. I love it just the same but I'm no longer down for the negativity involved within myself that's often been a catalyst for high volume training and racing at a professional level. I'll likely embark on the same high volume rides but piloted by a much improved, positive, open, and adventurous headspace mostly thanks to significant amounts of therapy over the last six months with my brilliant psychotherapist. My life would not be the same without her. It is the most significant reason for my success this evening because to run indoors with a broken hand but an everlasting smile and a mind feeling seventy five and sunny proves that life is in the condition of your choosing.

Don't waste your life!

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